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Community Involvement

​​​​​In previou​s years, Macronix has continuously found opportunities to give back to our society and preserve our natural environment. Macronix deeply believes that education is a major program of lasting importance and the 21st century's future can only be built by improving knowledge.

In order to increase the value of people from our next generation and for them to be able to stand out and withstand international competition, we need to cultivate talented people. Therefore in 2001, Macronix established the "Macronix Education Foundation" to continually bring attention to the nurturing education of Taiwan's children and devise many education projects for all youngsters of different ages, and encourage innovation and new talent.

Through the Foundation, we will be able to bring more resources together and encourage more people to participate, to motivate our younger generation to be innovative and decrease the education gap. The Foundation has also promoted cultural humanities and art, natural environmental welfare activities, like eco-friendly seminars and red Orangutan welfare activities.

Besides having our Macronix Education Foundation focus on science education, Macronix has also established our own "Humane Society" and "Big Love Society" welfare associations to bring together Macronix employees, using action to show our love for life and for our society and community. Furthermore, in 2008 Macronix Humane Society was approved by the Hsin-chu City Government to establish the "Humane Society Service Organization" to allocate our resources from the Science Park to the society.

Humane Society

Established at Macronix in March 2001 to carry out charity work, support the needy, and promote social harmony. Under the hard work of our warm-hearted colleagues and working along with Hsinchu philanthropy groups, they have held many activities including Blind experience camp, Doris Typhoon ​disaster fundraising, Jian-shi town children adoption meeting, Christmas Make-a-Wis​h Activity...etc.

Big Love Society

"Big Love Society" was established in January 2008 and was the first association in the Science Park based on "Medical Welfare." They have actively encouraged Macronix colleagues, family and friends to get involved in the weekly volunteer activities, using actual actions and participation to give back to society. Additionally, "Big Love Society" is working along with other organizations to push Hsin-chu city's medical system to administer organ donor registration. This is to gain the attention of larger related organizations and establish a streamlined system for accident organ donor emergency handling procedures.