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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Green Product

Our Green Prod​u​ct​​​

​When it comes to protecting our Mother Earth and cherishing precious natural resources, Macronix has been devoted to incorporating life cycle thinking with our products from design to disposal stages to reduce the environmental impact. With this mindset, the products we o​​ffer are:​

  • ​Hazardous substances regulations and cus​tomers​’ requests comp​​l​iant

In addition to complying with EU RoHS standard(2011/65/EU), all Macronix products comply with the requests of SVHC ( Substances of Very High Concern) released by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency).

  • 100% Lead-Free

    Starting from 2001, Macronix has produced reliable lead-free products for customers. In 2007, all our products are all lead-free.

  • 100% Halogen-Free (HF)

    When taking the growing environmental and health concerns of Brominated Flame Retardants (BFR) into serious consideration, in addition to offering lead-free products, Macronix started providing Halogen-Free semiconductor chips in 2007, which are in compliance with major HF standards (IEC 61249-2-21, JPCA-ES01 2003, IPC 4101). All our products are Halogen-Free in Q2, 2008. This demonstrates our strong commitment to working with our clients in protecting the environment.

Our Green Supply Chain

Macronix "Green initiative" goes beyond products. By linking together the essential elements in our supply chain, we have established a comprehensive Green Product Management system.

A​​nd this system is IECQ 080000 Hazardous Substances Process Management certified.

Green P​roducts Test Reports

To ensure our products are fully co​mpli​ed with regu​latory and cus​​tomer requirements, Macronix' products are analyzed by quali​​​fied laboratories with ISO 17025 management system certified on a regular basis.

Package TypeAnalysis ItemReport No.Reporting DateTest(ICP) Report
8SOP, 150milRoHS + Halogens + Phthalates(6223)044-03392023/03/02
8SOP, 209milRoHS + Halogens + Phthalates(6223)061-00462023/03/09
48TSOPRoHS + Halogens + Phthalates(6223)061-00432023/03/09
​56TSOPRoHS + Halogens + Phthalates(6223)044-03372023/03/02
16SOP, 300milRoHS + Halogens + Phthalates(6223)061-00342023/03/09
8SONRoHS + Halogens + Phtha​lates(6223)044-0333​2023/03/02
32TSOPRoHS + Halogens + ​Phthalates(6223)061-00392023/03/09
48CSPRoHS + Halogens + Phthalates(6223)044-03352023/03/02
64CSPRoHS + Halogens + Phthalates(6223)044-03362023​​/03/02​

Our Green Global ​Business Growth

Our endeavor in the environmental protection, along with green product managem​ent, are being recognized by well-known global el​ectronic companies. Together with our valuable customer​s, we are building a sustainable business that stock holders will benefit from.