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ST Technology Tour 2023

Date : 2023/12/07
Location : Santa Clara, California, USA
Place : Santa Clara Marriott
Event Site :
Registration : RegisterNow

​​Macronix is participating ST Technology Tour 2023 in Santa Clara, USA. The in-person conference will have experts present on a variety of electronic technologies in markets poised for rapid growth. We will demonstrate the latest products in our OctaFlash family with ST Microelectronics’ STM32 product families, including STM32L4+, STM32U5, STM32H7 and STM32H5. In particular, we will showcase the use of OctaFlash as code Execution-In Place memory with STM32 microcontrollers and as well the use in high end HMIs based on STM32U5 ultra low power MCUs. We will also present our ultra low power flash for portable and medical devices and our portfolio of automotive non-volatile memories. 

Macronix OctaFlash Memory meets the growing demand for "instant-on" performance and real-time system responsiveness in automotive, industrial and consumer applications. The new ultra-high performance 8-bit I/O Serial NOR Flash Memory products can perform up to an operational frequency of 250MHz with 500MB/s read throughput and it enables system architects to meet customer expectations for systems with a rich graphical user interface and achieve ultra-fast response times.​

About Macronix
Macronix, a leading integrated device manufacturer in the non-volatile memory (NVM) market, provides a full range of NOR Flash, NAND Flash, and ROM products. With its world-class R&D and manufacturing capability, Macronix continues to deliver high-quality, innovative and performance-driven products to its customers in the consumer, communication, computing, automotive, networking and other market segments. Find out more at