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Macronix designs and manufactures 3V, 2.5V and 1.8V Serial NOR Flash products from 512Kb to 2Gb. We also offer backward-compatible, high-performance Serial NOR Flash, MXSMIO® (Multi-I/O) family and MXSMIO® Duplex (DTR) family.

  • Standard Serial Interface: MX25xxx06 Series
  • Default Lock Protection: MX25xxx26 Series
  • MXSMIO®(Multi-I/O): MX25/66xxx33/35/36/39 Series
  • MXSMIO®(Multi-I/O) Duplex (DTR): MX25/66xxx43/45/85 Series
  • MXSMIO®(Multi-I/O), Quad I/O Permanent Enable: MX25xxx73 Series
  • Permanent Lock: MX25/66xxx55/56 Series

Serial NOR Flash Product Portfolio

Please contact your local Macronix sales person for the most suitable solutions that meet your needs, including the latest product selection and recommended form factors.

Featured Products

OctaBus Memory provides extendable I/O capability to broaden our Serial NOR Flash throughput efficiently. It dedicates to raising the product performance with the fastest 200MHz frequency, combining with the DTR feature.

MX25R product family supports the standard Serial NOR Flash interface. It features ultra low power consumption, 60% lower than that of traditional products, and wide range Vcc (1.65V-3.6V), enabling extended battery life.

With the demand of low power applications, such as health monitoring, Bluetooth connection, IoT, wearables and mobile Internet devices, system engineers will need memory with reduced supply voltage to simplify their design.