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With the evolution of automation technologies, smart manufacturing is becoming a focus for next-generation industrial devices which are designed to increase productivity and offer greater efficiency than is realized today. The advance of this technology is aided by the booming growth of the Internet of Things. Utilizing cloud computing, big data, sensors and networking connectivity for real-time production optimization is a key factor that drives the growth of the industrial market in the future. The new smart industrial applications include factory automation, transportation, surveillance, healthcare, building automation, smart grid, POS, scanners, and so on.

As a leading supplier with over 25 years of experiences in non-volatile memory, Macronix enables itself to deliver reliable quality and high performance products to meet the requirements of industrial applications, including those used in extreme environments. As Macronix owns its wafer fabs , this means that the products supply, quality, manufacturing processes and IP are also under its control. Macronix is able to, and is committed to, providing a real product longevity program for our customers and long-lasting partnerships.

Please contact your local Macronix sales person for the most suitable solutions that meet your needs, including the latest product selection and recommended form factors.


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