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As embedded systems evolve, there are many applications with a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) that require higher-density memory solutions to store large image files. Recognizing such application needs, Macronix, as a global leader in Serial Flash memory, offers a new MX35 Serial NAND family for a NAND-based storage solution.

The MX35 family provides storage capacity in 1Gb and 2Gb densities with a low cost-per-megabit, and as such, Macronix Serial NAND is ideal for embedded applications such as digital TVs, set-top boxes, and AP routers as these applications now contain more sophisticated operating systems for managing multimedia, photos and other data intensive content.

Macronix Serial NAND is compatible with the industry standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) command set, allowing designers to easily and cost-effectively expand their application storage capacity without having to perform a complete system redesign and hence achieve short time-to-market, realizing the benefits of using Macronix Serial NAND.


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