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As a leader in the non-volatile memory market, Macronix has launched a family of e•MMC™ memory to meet the needs of high capacity storage and high reliability applications. This memory offering from Macronix is made possible by combining years of experience in the design and management of Flash memory with its advanced in-house NAND Flash fabrication technologies.

With profound experience in embedded solutions, Macronix is able to develop the optimized management firmware to provide a longer product lifespan with robust data integrity. This managed Flash solution optimizes memory mapping, bad block management, wear-leveling, and error correction techniques to fulfill the higher reliability demands required by designers. To face the challenges of demanding application environments, Macronix’s e•MMC™ memory can help designers increase system availability and reduce maintenance efforts.

Macronix integrates its MLC NAND Flash and controller in a BGA package with a standard interface to the host system. The e•MMC™ memory is ideal for various applications, such as digital TV, set-top boxes, infotainment, industrial and networking applications. It is also available in the 11x10mm BGA package for wearable applications.


Key Features

  • JEDEC e•MMC™ 5.1 Standard Interface
    • Bus Width x1/x4/x8
    • High Speed (SDR, DDR), HS200 and HS400 Modes
    • Max. Throughput 400MB/s
  • Operation Voltage Range
    • VCC: 2.7 to 3.6V
    • VCCQ: 2.7 to 3.6V/1.7 to 1.95V
  • Industrial Temperature Grade (-40℃ to +85℃)
  • Support Advanced Features of e•MMC™ 5.1 Standard
    • Command Queuing, Device Health Report, Production State Awareness, Field Firmware Update, Sleep Notification, Secure Write Protection

Considering the special properties of embedded systems, Macronix delivers the e•MMC™ memory to meet the customers’ requirements.

  • Density: 2GB to 8GB
  • Intelligent Firmware/Algorithm Design
    • Wear-Leveling Enhancement, Lifespan Extension, Advanced Health Monitoring, Fast Boot Option
  • Robust Data Integrity
  • Proactive Power Loss Protection
  • Longevity Support
  • BGA Package (11.5x13mm, 11x10mm)

Note: e•MMC™ is the trademark of JEDEC/MMCA.


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