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Macronix delivers high quality, innovative and performance driven products, ideal for diverse applications from computing, consumer, networking, and industrial, to mobile, embedded, automotive, and Internet of Things (IoT).


OctaBus Memory

OctaBus Memory provides extendable I/O capability to broaden our Serial NOR Flash throughput efficiently. It dedicates to raising the product performance with the fastest 200MHz frequency, combining with the DTR feature.

Voltage Product Family Density Mode
3V MX25/66LM_LW 256Mb - 2Gb Octa I/O, DTR
1.8V MX25/66UM_UW 64Mb - 2Gb Octa I/O, DTR

Wide Range Vcc Flash

MX25R product family supports the standard Serial NOR Flash interface. It features ultra low power consumption, 60% lower than that of traditional products, and wide range Vcc (1.65V-3.6V), enabling extended battery life.

Voltage Product Family Density Mode
1.65V-3.6V MX25R 512Kb-64Mb Multi I/O

Serial NOR Flash

Macronix, as a global leader in Serial NOR Flash memory, dedicates itself to developing comprehensive product portfolio to meet the requirements of high performance, reliable quality, low pin count and small form factor.

Voltage Product Family Density Mode
3V MX25/66L 512Kb-2Gb
  • Multi I/O, DTR, Dual Quad,
  • Quad I/O Permanent Enable,
  • Default Lock Protection,
  • Standard Interface, Security, RPMC
2.5V MX25V 512Kb-16Mb Standard Interface
1.8V MX25/66U 512Kb-2Gb Multi I/O

Parallel NOR Flash

Macronix Parallel NOR Flash provides customers with cost-effective, high performance and reliable products that offer low-power consumption, high endurance and reliability.

Voltage Product Family Density Feature
5V MX29F 2Mb-8Mb Uniform Sector,
Boot Sector
3V MX29LV 4Mb-64Mb Uniform Sector,
Boot Sector, V I/O=1.8V
MX29/68GL 32Mb-1Gb Page Mode, Uniform Sector,
Boot Sector,V I/O=1.8V
MX29LA 32Mb-64Mb Uniform Sector,
MX29/68GA 32Mb-1Gb Uniform Sector,
Page Mode, Security
1.8V MX29SL 4Mb-8Mb Boot Sector
MX29VS 128Mb AD-Mux, Burst Mode,
Read While Write
MX29NS 32Mb-64Mb AD-Mux,
Burst Mode

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Made by state-of-art manufacturing capability and quality controls, our MCP solution portfolio provides flexible choices and fast time-to-market advantages for both embedded and wireless application usage.


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